Former Indian opener Wasim Jaffer made his YouTube debut and shared an encrypted message in his first video for Indian batsmen ahead of the World Test Championship (WTC) final.

India and New Zealand are preparing for the WTC finals, which will take place in Southampton from June 18-22. The Kiwis beat England in Edgbaston on Sunday and took their first test series victory in England since 1999.

On his YouTube channel, Jaffer shared a tip with the Indian batsmen on how to deal with the conditions in England for the WTC final in his brand-typical style. He said:

“I toured England twice with the Indian team. My coded message for the Indian batsmen is – as our police were famous for in our old Bollywood movies, use this thing when beating. “

He then asked fans to guess what they said the answer might be.

A number of responses said Jaffer would like the Indian batsmen to play the ball late in England, much like the arrival of the police in the old Bollywood films.

According to a number of experts, New Zealand will have the upper hand in the WTC final as they have already passed two tests in England before the clash against India.

Southampton curator with the aim of producing “fast and springy” pitch for the WTC finale

Southampton’s groundsman Simon Lee has indicated that with a little help for the weirdos later in the game, the surface will have pace and bounce for the WTC finals. Lee was quoted as telling ESPNcricinfo:

“Preparing the field for this test (WTC final) is a little easier because we are a neutral venue, we are run by the ICC, but we all want a good place that offers balanced competition between the teams. For me personally I’m just I want to get something out that has a bit of speed, jumps and carries on the pitch. “

Lee made a promise to all of the bowlers on the pitch.

“In England it can be difficult as the weather doesn’t help us most of the time, but the advance forecast is good with lots of sun so we’re confident we can get some” pace and a hard pitch without rolling it over and to kill, “he added.

According to Lee, the pace of red ball cricket is what makes red ball cricket exciting and as a cricket fan he wants to create a place where “cricket lovers have to keep an eye on every ball in case they miss something, be it a great eyelash an amazing spell ”. at bowling. “

India has not beaten New Zealand in an ICC event since the 2003 World Cup in South Africa. In the semifinals of the 2019 World Cup, they went back to the Black Caps with 18 runs.