According to a. Fantasy gaming on Facebook is now a reality for its users in the US and Canada post on the company’s blog. The social media giant said that users can access Facebook Fantasy Games through its iOS and Android apps. It did not announce its plans or a timetable for the world market including India.

Facebook faces stiff competition from other social media companies for the average time users spend on their platforms, like that TechCrunch. A survey conducted by KPMG found that nearly 75 percent of respondents play fantasy sports 1-3 times a week, with the majority playing once a week. Hence, adding fantasy games could help Facebook improve the metric of the average time users spend on its platform.

What will fantasy gaming look like on Facebook?

Facebook said the games will be free to play and will cover sports, TV shows, and pop culture content. The best players are featured on leaderboards, but Facebook added that players can create their own fantasy leagues and compete against their friends and fans. There is also the option to make the league private.

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The company has a game called. brought on the market Pick & Play Sports for now. It is a daily sports prediction game that fans earn points by accurately guessing the results of big games. Facebook also said it is partnering with Buzzfeed to bring games out under the fantasy banner. Private players in the fantasy gaming market will have access to Facebook’s marketing tools to retarget attendees, Inc42 said in its report.

Games in the pipeline

Facebook has announced that it will soon be launching the following new fantasy games:

MLB Home Run Tips: The game gives fans an opportunity to choose teams that they believe will get the most home runs on that particular day during the MLB postseason. You will receive points based on the accuracy of your predictions.

LaLiga winning streak: In this game, players have the chance to predict the victory of an individual team during the LaLiga Santander season. You must try to produce as long as possible a strip of accurate predictions.

Fantasy Survivor: FB said it will release a game based on a famous reality TV show called Survivor. In the game, players select a number of participants from their Fantasy Survivor team and answer a series of questions about the upcoming episode.

Fantasy Bachelorette: The game is similar to Survivor in that it allows players to choose a group from the men who will vie for the bachelorette’s heart to be on their team and answer a series of questions about the upcoming episode.

Why Are Indian States Suspicious of Fantasy Games?

Fantasy games in India are dominated by cricket with players like Dream11, MPL, Halaplay etc. the Indian Brand Equity Foundation predicts the market is likely to be worth it $ 3.7 billion until 2024. Of course several state governments have linked fantasy games (due to the real money aspect) to illegal gambling. As a result:

  • Andhra Pradesh has passed a law banning online gambling. However, the state has not blocked any gambling apps and websites that offer wagers on poker, rummy or similar games
  • Uttar Pradesh announced that it will introduce a law banning online gambling in March this year.
  • Karnataka said it would introduce rules on online gambling as per its submission to the Karnataka High Court.

Former Supreme Court Justice AK Sikri noted at a recent event hosted by the Federation of Indian Fantasy Sports that “the challenges that fantasy sports are still facing are a cause for concern. It seems that even if there are authoritative pronouncements, some states or state legislatures still think that no, such a game should be banned. ”

Sikri is the FIFS ombudsman. He has said that the difference between gambling and fantasy games is whether the latter is a game of skill or a game of chance.

“And if it is a game of skill and it is not a question of betting or gambling, the state legislature would obviously have no power under entry 34” [of the Constitution’s seventh schedule] Making laws because it’s about betting and gambling, ”Sikri said.

He said that since courts have ruled that fantasy games are not gambling, it can no longer be discussed.

“So it’s not a game of chance or it’s not a betting. And as I said, the Supreme Court rejected at least two requests for special leave and last month just against the Rajasthan Supreme Court ruling while it was dismissing the SLP, the Supreme Court went so far as to say no to the issue is more res integr. It is no longer a topic worth discussing, ”said Sikri.

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