Facebook on Wednesday announced a set of new tools to improve the experience for companies using their platforms in the F8 virtual developer conference. With a focus on messaging tools, the social media giant stated that its “vision is that messaging is the most important way people and businesses communicate”.

Messenger API for Instagram

After launching the Messenger platform as an open Application Programming Interface (API) in 2016, Facebook has now decided to open the Messenger API for Instagram to all developers. Brands can now provide automated answers to frequently asked questions and improve their messaging experience with prospects by integrating Instagram messaging into their existing applications and workflow.

“90% of the people on Instagram today follow at least one company, and messaging is a big part of that. Whether story replies, direct messages or mentions, the interaction with brands is becoming more and more attractive for customers and important for companies. ”- Facebook

Improving the WhatsApp Business API experience

WhatsApp is now offering a faster onboarding Experience for any company looking to get started with the WhatsApp Business API. The company claims the onboarding process now takes five minutes instead of weeks.

WhatsApp will also begin to allow it Support for more types of messages. For example, to let people know when an item is back in stock. In addition, new messaging capabilities are being introduced to Help customers respond to businesses faster. For example, customers now see a list of messages or reply buttons that they can use to reply to a chatbot message with a single tap.

Opt for messaging with companies through the Facebook login flow

Facebook has long allowed companies to use Facebook Login to allow people to log into apps and websites, but now companies can also ask customers to sign up with the company on Facebook Messenger with a new feature called Login Connect with Messenger Report. This feature will be available in the Facebook login flow and will provide companies with a new source for customer conversations. However, this feature is currently in closed beta.

“Among the test participants who activated Login Connect, more than 70% of the users have opted for messaging so far. With this important source of new customer conversations, companies can deepen their interactions with people through messaging by providing more personalized and efficient customer care. ”- Facebook

Third-party apps for the Facebook Business Suite

Facebook enables companies to manage their activities through Facebook, Instagram and Messenger on the Facebook Business Suite platform. But this platform was limited to tools and features developed by Facebook. Now the company is opening the platform to third-party developers so that they can create business apps. These apps are made available to companies through a developer platform called Facebook Business Extension and offer companies a whole new world of tools to improve their business experience across Facebook products.

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Other important announcements

New API for Spark AR to bring digital and physical worlds closer: Facebook has released a new tool called the Multipeer API for Spark AR Studio, the company’s AR creation software that allows developers to design and deploy AR effects for all Facebook products. Multipeer will enable creators to bring the digital and physical worlds closer together. “For the first time, developers can create effects that provide a coordinated experience for multiple call participants. For example, effects could be designed to convey a common sense of space, such as a meeting point in space or around a campfire, or even support light gameplay, ”said Facebook.

Optimizing the end-to-end developer experience with PyTorch: Facebook announced that PyTorch, an open source machine learning framework co-developed by Facebook, will be the standard framework for building all of its AI and machine learning models. This is not only intended to “make research and engineering more effective, collaborative, and efficient,” but also to enable Facebook to share its work as an open source PyTorch library and learn from the work of other PyTorch developers around the world .

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