While WhatsApp challenged the new IT rules in the Delhi High Court, the company’s CEO said he hopes to find a solution that doesn’t involve breaking encryption.

Facebook and WhatsApp will publish an interim compliance report on July 2 in accordance with the new IT rules 2021, according to a statement from the social media platform. Previously, WhatsApp had postponed the Delhi Supreme Court on the grounds that the rules were unconstitutional and ultra vires of the IT Act 2000.

The interim report for the period from May 15th to June 15th will be contain details about the content that removed from the social media and messaging platform using automated tools.

The final report will be released on July 15th and will provide details of user complaints received and actions taken. The July 15th report will also contain data on WhatsApp, which is currently being validated, ”a Facebook spokesperson told MediaNama.

The IT rules 2021, which came into force on May 26, stipulate that major social media intermediaries (SSMIs) such as Facebook, WhatsApp and Twitter must publish compliance reports every month, detailing complaints and actions taken the platforms have received taken. The IT rules also require that SSMIs have a –

  • Node contact person
  • Complaints Officer
  • Chief Compliance Officer

In its lawsuit against the Government of India, WhatsApp argued that this traceability mandate requires the platform to break end-to-end encryption for all of its users, violating users’ rights to privacy and freedom of expression and expression and beyond its scope of the mother law. They asked the court:

  • Explain Rule 4 (2) of the Rules as unconstitutional, ultra vires of IT law, and illegal.
  • Make sure that the platform is not held criminally responsible for any alleged failure to comply with this rule.
  • Grant interim relief by suspending Rule 4 (2) pending resolution of this action. The last day to comply with the rules was April 25.

WhatsApp CEO: I hope to find a solution for traceability without breaking the encryption

In March, before the rules went into effect, WhatsApp CEO Will Cathcart said the social media company had raised concerns about the IT rules traceability mandate, adding that the company hopes to find solutions that “don’t Touch encryption “. “.

WhatsApp with over 530 million registered users in India (according to figures published by the Indian government) is required under IT rules to enable traceability on its platform. This traceability is considered to be in contrast to the end-to-end encryption used by messaging platforms like WhatsApp.

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