Minecraft has no shortage of interesting creatures known as mobs. With almost every Minecraft update, brand new passive, neutral, and hostile mobs are introduced. One of the classic, original enemy overworld mobs are skeletons.

A new skeleton variant called Strays was introduced as early as 2016 with the Minecraft 1.10 update. Strays are some of the most underrated and lesser-known Minecraft mobs.

These mobs are similar to skeletons, but have some distinctive features that set the mobs apart from their original variants. This article provides Minecraft players with vital information about stray mobs.

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All about strays in Minecraft


Image via Minecraft Wiki
Image via Minecraft Wiki

Stays are their own kind of skeletons that only apply to cold Minecraft biomes like ice spikes, frozen oceans, or snow-covered tundras. Most of the skeletons that spawn in these biomes will be of the stray variety.

These enemy mobs have a unique appearance that players can use to identify them. Strays seem to wear worn and torn ice-gray armor.

A stay shoots arrows at players, just like skeletons, except that a stray’s arrows inflict the slowness effect on its target. As the name suggests, this attack causes the being hit to move much slower than normal.

Slowness can be quite harmful when fighting strays or other nearby mobs.


Image via Minecraft
Image via Minecraft

Strays have a chance of dropping the same items as skeletons like bones and arrows when killed. However, there is a chance that they will drop some of their unique arrows of slowness.

Interestingly, normal skeletons can be converted into scattered skeletons through the use of the new powder snow. To do this, players must capture a skeleton in a block of powder snow and wait.

After about 15 seconds, the skeleton turns into a stray.

While this can be useful for a number of reasons, players should be careful: turning a skeleton into a stray, in turn, causes the mob to regenerate all of its health. Strays themselves cannot be harmed if they are caught in powder snow.

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