Elitmus Preparation Tips

Best Method To Prepare for eLitmus Exam 2020 – 30 days Master plan

30 Days are really ideal to start preparing for eLitmus only if you are willing to dedicate at least 6–8 hours of study time for the same.

Mass recruitment companies like Accenture hire at 70-75+ percentiles. But if you are eyeing some core/product-based companies, you need to score 95+. At an average, you will receive calls from maximum companies if you score 99+.

Important Topics from all the three sections

Quantitative Aptitude

  • Geometry
  • Permutation and Combination
  • Probability
  • Number System

Attempt 4-7 Questions (85+ Percentile)

Verbal Ability

  • Reading Comprehension
  • Fill in the Blank

Attempt 10-12 Questions (90+ Percentile)

Note: This is the most scoring section of pH test.

Logical Reasoning

  • Cryptarithmetic
  • Data Sufficiency

Attempt 5-6 Questions (90+ Percentile)

Note: Most of the companies hire through eLimtus in the month of  June to October-mid. So, you should attempt for the eLitmus pH test (and score 80+) before June

Important Key Points

  1. The paper level is similar to CAT level exam (tough)
  2. Don’t try to attempt all the questions. Attempt questions that you know properly.
  3. Try to attempt 10 questions from each section
  4. Keep appearing for eLitmus test till you score more than 80+ percentile in all 3 sections
  5. Try to correct cryptarithmetic question.
  6. In the Data Interpretation problem, you can’t correct all the questions in time. It is highly impossible.
  7. Scoring in Verbal Ability Section is easy in verb form type questions.
  8. Prepare yourself to relocate to Bangalore (90% of companies which recruit through eLitmus are here) after last semester exams. If you are an IT enthusiast, Banglore will give a huge number of opportunities.