Elitmus Important Books

Elitmus Important Books 2020

Important Books for eLitmus Examination

eLitmus Evaluation Private Limited, an Indian company has started a unique test which is popularly known as ph test that helps thousands of students every year to get jobs at the entry level.

Initially it was started by the former employees of Infosys in 2005 with an aim to hiring fresher’s in their company but soon it started getting noticed by the other companies and they started using this test for evaluating students hiring in their respective companies and now some of the Fortune 500 companies are using this pH test that is conducted by eLitmus.

Hiring Potential test or popularly known as pH test has become a standard criterion for selecting candidates from all over India and it has become today’s most dependable tests pan India basis for evaluating the potential of candidates through this test, every good company including Accenture, IBM, Collabera, DELL hire fresher through this test.

The eLitmus test consists of three parts-

The Quantitative section

This section has quite a high level of Quant, almost the level of CAT. One of the must-have books for getting prepared for this part of the exam is “Quantitative /Aptitude for CAT by Arun Sharma” and do all LOD-I and LOD-II questions of Block-I and Block-II. It is highly recommended by everybody who has cleared the eLitmus examination.

Here is the pattern of Quantitative Section:

* Probability (2 Questions)
* Permutation Combination (2 Questions)
* Number System (3-4 Questions)
* Speed, Time and Distance
* Allegation (1 Question for sure)
* Time and Work
* Geometry (4-5 Questions)
* 1-2 Questions based on common logics.

The Verbal section

This part is not that tough compared to Quant level. It especially helps if you are coming from English medium background. Get hold of good grammar books of Rein and Martin and of course books of Arun Sharma for compact study.

The pattern of questions in Verbal sections:

* Fill in the Blanks
* RC
* Para Jumbles
* Paragraph Fillers

The Logical Reasoning section

This section is not as difficult as Cat or Gate section keeping in the mind of the candidates’ ability and allowing them to pass the exam. The book you must consult is R.S Agarwal.

The pattern of questions in Logical sections:

* Seating Arrangement
* 1-2 Questions based on Tabular Data
* Data Sufficiency
* 1 long Question from Cryptic Multiplication or addition with 3 to 4 parts
* Coding Decoding

Results are declared in two formats: Percentile and total score. Companies call test-takers for interviews on the basis of pH score and their own criteria. Candidates who are going to appear in this examination must understand that there is negative marking and you can’t spend much time over a single question, it’s always better to try the next one and try to complete the exam on time.

Most important books that every eLitmus Exam aspirants should follow are the books by Arun Sharma and R .S Agarwal. They are kind of bible for this exam, but along with them read newspapers, practice as much as you can, try writing good impressive essays in current affairs, develop a good habit about reasoning and solving them in mind.