The long wait is over for Dota 2 players as Valve released patch 7.30 a few hours after the end of the Nemestice Battle Pass. It will likely be the last major patch before The International 10, which starts on October 7th.

The patch brought a plethora of changes to heroes, items, and other general things. Under the general changes, Roshan will no longer drop cheese, which will undoubtedly reduce the tremendous advantage a team gets from securing (previously, Aegis + Cheese + Aghanim’s Shard were dropped).

The water rune is now less powerful and only refills 40 HP instead of the previous 80. Five neutral items are dropped per level, which means that no team member needs to be left without a neutral item.

Dota 2 Patch 7.30 brings a long list of changes to items and heroes

While Aeon Disk has been exposed to the expected Nerf hammer, there are no changes to Holy Medallion.

Aeon Disk, now similar to Black King Bar, will gradually reduce functionality. The cooldown increases by 20s every time it is triggered up to 165s (cooldown: 105/125/145 / 165s).

Mage Slayer sees a massive price drop with Dota 2 patch 7.30. It now costs 2400 gold compared to 3200 gold previously.

While the item’s passive ability to debuff attacked enemies, which causes them to deal 35% less spell damage for four seconds, remains unchanged, it now grants + 20% magic resistance, 20 damage, 10 intelligence, 15 attack speed and two mana regeneration (Made from Oblivion staff + cloak + 400g recipe).

Helm of the Overlord has been redesigned with Dota 2 patch 7.30. It now combines the Dominator’s Helm, Vladimir’s Offering, and a 1000 gold recipe.

In the area of ​​neutral items, there are some changes, removals and additions with Dota 2 patch 7.30. The items saying goodbye along with patch 7.29 are Faded Broach, Ironwood Tree, Imp Claw, Cape of the Illusionist, Minotaur Horn, Orb of Destruction, and Ballista.

The new neutral items added with Dota 2 patch 7.30 are Pig Pole, Tumbler’s Toy, Brigand’s Blade, Fae Grenade, Blast Rig, Asket’s Cap, Witchbane, and Arcanist’s Armor. Probably the most weakened of the existing neutral items are spider legs, which are no longer considered boots and whose movement speed bonus has been reduced from 65 to 25.

As for heroes, Dawnbreaker still hasn’t been introduced to Captain Mode. It remains to be seen whether Valve will do this in a subpatch before TI10.

Dota 2 patch 7.30 brought the expected nerf to the overruled heroes of 7.29, including Winter Wyvern, Templar Assassin, Dragon Knight, Luna, etc. Heroes that got a revamped ability with Dota 2 patch 7.30 include Broodmother, Clinkz, and Tinker .

The Tinker makeover is perhaps the most extensive among the many that come with Dota 2 patch 7.30, as March of the Machines is now being moved to Aghanim’s Shard and a Boots of Travel-like ability, Keen Conveyance, has been added as an under-ability to Rearm . The Defense Matrix previously granted by Shards is now part of Tinker’s standard equipment.

The fans are waiting to see how the metagame will develop around Tinker in the coming days. In the meantime, readers can find the full patch notes on the official site Dota 2 website.