Dolph Ziggler rates Kofi Kingston’s WWE Championship win higher than his money-in-the-bank cash-in on his list of favorite WWE moments.

In 2013, Ziggler won the World Heavyweight Championship from Alberto Del Rio in the first episode of RAW to WrestleMania 29. Six years later, Kingston won the WWE Championship from Daniel Bryan at WrestleMania 35 after spending 11 years at WWE.

In conversation with Sportskeeda Wrestling Rick Ucchino, said Ziggler, seeing “KofiMania” was something special for him than winning his own title.

“I was already a big fan of Kofis because we had a best of 500 series that he won 497-3, but we were just brought together for athletics all the time and then you had to see how his Character came out, ”Ziggler said.

“He became a fucking world champion. How great is that I had an interview a long time ago. “What was your favorite moment here? Money in the bank? ‘ And I say, ‘Seeing KofiMania … was great.’ Because it wasn’t brand new, it wasn’t shoved down your throat. He was that guy who just did his job and stood out every time he did something and then it worked out at some point. “

Watch the video above to hear Dolph Ziggler how Big E won the 2021 Money-in-the-Bank Ladder Match. He also talked about Robert Roode, The Street Profits, performing in front of fans, and more.

Dolph Ziggler’s story with Kofi Kingston

Kofi Kingston def.Dolph Ziggler at the WWE Stomping Grounds 2019
Kofi Kingston def.Dolph Ziggler at the WWE Stomping Grounds 2019

Including live events, Dolph Ziggler and Kofi Kingston have competed against each other in 83 individual games since 2009 (H / T Their most notable one-on-one rivalry took place during Kingston’s reign as WWE Champion in 2019.

Kingston retained the WWE Championship against Ziggler at Super ShowDown 2019 and Stomping Grounds 2019. That same year, the New Day member also defeated Ziggler and Samoa Joe in a triple threat match at the special live event in Smackville.

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