Dinesh Karthik continued to act as the weatherman for cricket fans around the world when he released an update ahead of the start of the game on Day 4. The 36-year-old shared a picture of The Rose Bowl with the covers on Twitter when it was pouring in Southampton.

Dinesh Karthik has labeled the picture with “Not great atm” and combined his gloomy picture with a disappointed emoji. Together with a “Sorry” sticker, the weather update showed the temperature around 11 degrees Celsius and the stadium covered by a rain blanket.

Dinesh Karthik’s weather update was unsurprising as day 4 of the India-New Zealand World Testing Championship final was likely to be washed out. Southampton is forecast to rain 80% or more throughout the day and the teams are unlikely to take to the field on Monday.

While day 4 will likely be a complete washout, for cricket fans there is some light at the end of the tunnel. A comparatively better performance is forecast for Tuesday and Wednesday, and a full rate of overs may be possible on both days.

Until then, the final of the test world championship between India and New Zealand is pending. Despite the constant interruptions, fans were treated to exciting cricket, with New Zealand finishing day three at 101/2 and India leaving India by 116 runs.

Dinesh Karthik’s comment was loved by fans

Although Dinesh Karthik delivered bad news on Monday, his continued stint in the comment box was loved by fans and gamers alike. Viewers praised Karthik’s articulate style and praised him for being a breath of fresh air in the comment box. His valuable insights have been loved by everyone, and many praise him for a long and successful time on broadcasting in the future.

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