In his speech, the chairman identified the characteristics of digital market power and also outlined the measures taken by the Chamber of Industry and Commerce to combat anti-competitive behavior.

“Not so long ago it was widely argued that market power in technology markets is volatile and that intervention carries a high risk of discouraging innovation. […] However, critics of this notion of digital markets have pointed out that dominance in these markets is not fragile, but permanent, ”said Ashok Gupta, Chairman of the Indian Competition Commission (CCI), on July 29th.

Gupta spoke at the launch of the Initiative on Choice, Competition and Innovation (ICCI), a research initiative of the Center for the Digital Future (CDF).

“Applying competition law to such disruptive technologies is becoming a challenge and the role of the competition authority in the regulatory architecture for these technologies is becoming extremely important,” said Gupta. “The challenge lies in the manufacture of medicines. Whether antitrust law or merger, does ex-ante regulation play a role, are there blanket regulations or special features of the platforms that have to be observed? “He added.

Why is it important? As head of CCI, Gupta probably plays the most important role in the country when it comes to competition and cartel regulation. His views on competition in the digital markets give us a glimpse into how the CCI is approaching areas such as e-commerce, grocery delivery, search engines and operating systems, all of which are rife with anti-competitive complaints and lawsuits.