A Delhi Supreme Court vacation bank on Monday refused to grant The Quint, The News Minute and The Wire interim measures against coercive measures under the Information Technology Rules (Broker Liability and Code of Ethics for Digital Media) 2021. The development was reported from The Quint, one of the petitioners; The ruling notified the series of cases to the ordinary bank, which will hear the matter on July 7th.

“The matter is pending before the regular divisional bank, no residence has been granted. You only implement the report that does not include a stay. There can be no question of provisional discharge, ”said C. Hari Shankar and Subramonium Prasad’s holiday bank reportedly when the order was issued. Also on May 27, the main bank refused such a stopover.

In the Foundation for Independent Journalism’s petition, which runs The Wire, its founding editor MK Venu and The News Minute editor Dhanya Rajendran argued that the rules were a transgression of authority and therefore unconstitutional. The Quint argued that the rules allowed the government to “dictate” content on the Internet. In a petition, the Delhi High Court said that while it would not issue an injunction, it would hear all urgent petitions if necessary.

The rules require news organizations to appoint a complaints officer to review and handle complaints from readers or viewers of online news; in addition, they must be a member of a self-regulatory body formed according to state standards, to which people who are dissatisfied with the outcome of the first complaint can turn. Finally, a cross-departmental committee would have the power to order the censorship of this content. The rules also require government-sponsored ethical standards to be followed, a requirement previously only required for television and newspaper media.

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