Chris Jericho claims AEW tried to license a popular song from a very famous band.

Chris Jericho is no stranger to popular songs and works with Fozzy himself. In an interview with the Two Man Power Trip from Wrestling Podcast of, Jericho revealed that AEW had attempted to license AC / DC’s Back in Black for their return to the ring after turning their faces on AEW Dynamite in the first attack on The Pinnacle. However, they couldn’t make it because the band wasn’t interested in it

We actually tried to get ‘Back In Black’ for our return promo after attacking The Pinnacle in our locker room and they didn’t even give us the time of day, ”said Jericho. “There were others. We wanted Van Halen right after Eddie died, we wanted to use ‘Running With the Devil’, they came back with ‘$ 500,000’. Well, that’s just a polite way of saying “no fucking way”. AC / DC didn’t even come back with that. Then I see them on an Applebee commercial with ‘Back In Black’ so I guess they’re fans of baby back ribs or something like that.

Jericho went on to say that the song fits her new role in AEW as a more serious wrestler.

“I thought the whole concept of Back In Black fits. It’s a saying that everyone knows. It rolls off the tongue and fits our way of thinking. We return more concentrated, more serious and darker. So it was all this return. “H / T Wrestling Inc.

Chris Jericho has one of the most popular theme songs in AEW

The crowd chants every word of Jericho
The crowd chants every word of Jericho’s theme

Chris Jericho’s theme song, Judas, produced by his own band Fozzy, is one of the most popular theme songs in all of AEW. Whenever it is played the crowd sings it to the end and the song is an important part of his personality whether Chris Jericho is face or heel.

Themed songs can make a huge difference in a wrestler’s perception and popularity. Some legends like The Rock and Undertaker will forever be associated with their theme songs because they are so strongly associated with their personalities.

Chris Jericho has made a habit of constantly evolving his character, and his current character is yet another iteration of Demo God, and Judas von Fozzy is an integral part of his latest creation.

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