Indian golfer S Chikkarangappa is expecting a unique experience at the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo. Chikkarangappa, who missed the cut to qualify as an athlete, will continue to be part of the Tokyo 2020 Olympics – as the caddy of golfer Anirban Lahiri.

Chikkarangappa, the second best golfer in India, missed a number of tournaments and that meant his ranking fell, which eventually cost him a place in the four year games.

In a win-win situation for Chikkarangappa and Anirban Lahiri, however, he asked him to join him as a caddy.

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Who is a caddy

Golfers are usually accompanied by caddies who know the sport and the golf course. Caddies are also strategists and usually know the challenges and obstacles a golfer can face on the course.

Caddies are expected to have a thorough understanding of overall length, pin placement, and club selection.

Caddies also carry bags with golfers to help them choose the clubs they need for a particular shot and help them move from one hole to another.

Anirban Lahiri with Caddy during the Farmers Insurance Open
Anirban Lahiri with Caddy during the Farmers Insurance Open

Win-win for Lahiri and Chikkarangappa

When Anirban Lahiri Chikkarangappa, his old friend on the racetrack, offered the option, he seized the opportunity with both hands. Chikkarangappa told the Indian Sports Authority:

“It’s a win-win situation for both of us. When Anirban offered me the opportunity to be his caddy, I immediately accepted. I am really glad that Anirban made this experience possible for me. I will see the Olympics live. The young generation has so much to learn. Yes, I won’t be there as a player, but this experience will be different. ”

The connection between Chikkarangappa and Anirban Lahiri goes far. The duo have played on the racetrack for almost two decades, sharing mutual admiration and respect for one another.

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“We are more than friends, we are like brothers. We have known each other for 18 years. He was a great friend and brother and always had my back. We have the same relationship today as we did 18 years ago. We will work together and do our best to come back with a medal, ”said Chikkarangappa.

Anirban Lahiri said that Chikkarangappa’s services and expert guidance will help them achieve a common goal – a successful performance at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

“Having my dear friend, my little brother Chikkarangappa as my caddy, is something I look forward to. We will have three of us there who are all motivated with the same goal to bring glory to our country, ”Anirban Lahiri said at a press conference.

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Caddying for Anirban Lahiri is sure to be an enriching experience for Chikkarangappa. He believes it will better prepare him for tougher challenges ahead of and upcoming major stage events.

“This experience (caddying for Anirban) will help me prepare for the 2024 Olympics. It will help me move forward, ”said Chikkarangappa.