Zee Studios, in partnership with, has dropped a non-fungible token (NFT) of a signed movie poster NFTisch, [...]

“Reporting a vulnerability to CERT-In does not mean that you are exempt from complying with the regulations. The [...]

We missed that earlier: It turns out that Netflix has started accepting UPI Autopay. The enterprise announced the [...]

On September 3, Twitter was flooded with complaints that prolifewhistleblower.com, a website that collects [...]

Cross tower, a US-based digital asset trading platform, has established itself in India with CrossTower India [...]

US lawmakers sent a letter to US Attorney General Merrick Garland on August 31, requesting that the Justice [...]

Mobile internet services, including 4G, have been suspended in several districts of Haryana in light of the Kisan [...]

The threat of termination of access does not have a deterrent effect on users of social media, argued the Ministry [...]

According to a. the company is permanently closed Disclosure submitted to the Bombay Stock Exchange. The company [...]

Das Ministerium für Information und Rundfunk hat in einer 116-seitigen eidesstattlichen Erklärung vor dem Obersten [...]