Baron Corbin has been on a downward spiral since losing his crown to Nakamura in June.

Jose G from Sportskeeda Wrestling recently interviewed legendary manager Jimmy Hart. He revealed that he would like to lead Baron Corbin from the current group of superstars.

“Well I’ll tell you who needs help. It’s not that he’s great already, but I’m trying to think. Who do I want? Well, let me think. Corbin. Corbin needs some help. He’s broke, he needs money. He can even call me Collette. If you want to spend money call me Collette, I’ll help you get to the top, but he’s already great in the ring, “Jimmy Hart said.

He added that Baron Corbin is great in the ring and has everything to stay on top.

“It’s the size, it’s the weight, it’s everything, it’s the look. We just have to reorganize it.”

You can watch the full interview with Jimmy Hart below:

Baron Corbin wants to file for bankruptcy on Monday

Things got worse and worse for Baron Corbin when he lost to Big E at SummerSlam. On an episode of SmackDown Live, Corbin lost a match to Kevin Owens on the condition that if he loses, he must not beg.

After losing the match, he pushed Big E backstage and stole his Money in the Bank briefcase. However, Big E reclaimed his holdings at SummerSlam.

After his loss, Corbin told WWE interviewer Sarah Schreiber that his financial status had hit rock bottom and was only $ 35 with him. He announced that he would file for bankruptcy on Monday. He was also asked if SummerSlam was the last time fans would see of him.

“Yes, yes, it is probably like that” [the last fans will see of him]. I mean, Monday I have to file for bankruptcy. I have no family, I have no friends. Really, I only have $ 35 left and that’s it. I just don’t know… ”said Baron Corbin.

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