David Warner and England’s group of cricket fans, the Barmy Army, recently became embroiled in a skirmish on Twitter in which a fan tried to insult the Australian batsman. But Warner gave a fitting answer that won the hearts of his followers.

The Barmy Army has uploaded a video showing Stuart Broad playing for Nottinghamshire in the Test County Championship. The video showed Broad trapping Australian batsman Cameron Bancroft right outside the door.

The Barmy Army posted the video and subtitled it:

“Broady with another Aussie in his back pocket.”

It was an indirect dig at David Warner’s, given that he had his fights against Broad in Ashes in 2019. Warner gave an appropriate answer, reminding the Barmy Army of England’s defeat in the Euro 2020 final against Italy.

“Did you see football the other day. A bit high for my taste,” tweeted David Warner.

An England fan reminds David Warner of Sandpapergate

David Warner was known for being quick-tempered and able to get under the skin of the opposition. But the Sandpapergate scandal of 2018 seemed to have changed him as a person.

An England fan attempted to break into Warner again while he was skirmishing with the Barmy Army. He responded to Warner’s comment with a photo of him crying during the press conference apologizing for being involved in the Sandpapergate scandal.

“It was heartbreaking Davey … do you remember what it’s like to cry?” read the caption.

The fan might have expected David Warner to go broke, but what he got was a wise, face-slapped response. The Australian said he believed he made a mistake and wanted to apologize in order to set the right example for his children.

β€œI can imagine Michael, just an example for our children to move forward. Stay positive and move forward and learn from our own mistakes, ”wrote David Warner.

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Edited by Sudeshna Banerjee