A mysterious Dota 2 bug came into the spotlight when Reddit user InevitableHope4436 came across a suspected cheater in one of his matches and tried to check the cheater’s in-game profile.

As confirmed by several members of the Dota 2 community since this Reddit post, the suspected cheater’s profile caused the crash for anyone who tried to open the cheater’s in-game profile. It is therefore assumed that the error is infinitely reproducible.

Dota 2 is a multiplayer game that is updated regularly, so mistakes are not uncommon. Although the developers fix most of the bugs immediately, some still go undetected. However, this case shocked the Dota 2 community as the exploit made it difficult to view the scammer’s profile for more than 3 seconds.

The crash exploited by the alleged Dota 2 fraudster has something to do with faulty cosmetics on the part of the Templar assassin

The aforementioned Reddit post caught the attention of the Dota 2 community and people were looking for answers as to why it is causing a crash for everyone. Another Reddit user named Rogical has found a possible cause.

Apparently “The Clandestine Trail” is the potential culprit for Templar Assassin. Due to an erroneous code associated with the TA set, it appears that players can equip the entire package in TA’s weapon slot. When the game tries to render this combination, the game crashes.

To give a brief overview of how Dota 2 cosmetics work, Heroes have different numbers of slots (e.g., Ax has eight slots – Weapon, Head, Armor, Belt, Taunt, Other, Pet, and Costume). Players can combine cosmetics from different packages and equip them in separate slots.

However, the game’s crash while viewing the faulty cosmetics was used by the alleged Dota 2 scammer to most likely hinder the verification of their profile. It is expected that Valve will repair the broken cosmetic item for the Templar Assassin soon. As for the alleged fraud problem, that’s a whole different story.