Streaming services in India have been more in line with information technology rules (broker liability and Digital Media Ethics Code) 2021 in recent weeks, according to a review by MediaNama. When we last checked streamers for compliance in May, only two operators fully complied with all of the legal requirements we used to evaluate them. But at least since August 27th Eight streaming services are essentially compliant, and only two services – YouTube Premium and Hungama Play – haven’t improved their compliance at all. You can read the full status of each streaming service we’ve rated below, along with the comments that streaming service received.

Streaming services have largely submitted to IT rules. While they have concerns, they have only addressed them directly to the government and have not gone to court. This is in contrast to social media companies like Facebook and several news organizations that have challenged the rules in high courts across the country. Despite this tacit approval of the rules, the streaming platforms have both come into conflict with these rules and their content has been overly censored in India, apparently wary of backlash from viewers and the government.

What the IT rules require of streaming platforms:

  • Designate a resident complaints officer and post their details on their website
  • Dispose of complaints from the public
  • Have standardized age ratings (U, U / A 7+, U / A 13+, U / A 16+ and A)
  • Show content descriptions for content that may be inappropriate for specific audiences
  • Set up parental controls
  • Publish monthly compliance reports

Where compliance is

The following table shows the current picture of compliance with IT rules by streaming services in India. You can see the version released in May here. In addition to the following metrics, we also asked if they published compliance reports in accordance with the rules on complaints received. While most streaming services did not respond to our inquiries, none responded to this point even when they responded. Only MX Player seems to have a link to a. to have Compliance report on his website, but this link is not available at the time of this writing.

  1. Netflix Has listed a complaints officer for content and non-content, has a Complaint resolution mechanism for India has Age ratings that meet state standards, contain content descriptions for adult content and have mechanisms for parental control in place. The company declined to comment on this story, just as it did last time.
  2. Amazon Prime Video Has appointed Phoram Thanna as complaints officer and has described a procedure for filing a complaint on his website. The age ratings now meet the requirements of the IT rules. The company has not returned a request for comment.
  3. Disney + hot star has a complaints officer, a complaint mechanism and age ratings. It is now fully compliant with the age rating and parental controls requirements. The company has not returned a request for comment.
  4. ZEE5 fully complies with the metrics we have assessed; The last time they were checked, they lacked compliant age ratings and content descriptions. The company did not respond to a request for comment.
  5. Sony LIV has a Grievance mechanism and a complaints officer listed in a document hosted on their website. It has age ratings that meet government standards and has content descriptions for the content as well as parental controls.
  6. JioKino Didn’t meet any of the IT rules requirements last time, but now it has a complaints officer and a complaints mechanism. However, it doesn’t have parental controls or content descriptions for its titles. Jio did not return a request for comment.
  7. Hoichoi has a complaint mechanism and a child safety feature, but does not yet meet other requirements; The company did not respond to a request for comment.
  8. Lionsgate game is fully compliant; The company responded only to correct a previous MediaNama compliance assessment and did not respond to our other inquiries.
  9. Apple TV + meets most requirements, with the exception of the content descriptions required by the rules. Apple has not returned a request for comment.
  10. YouTube Premium does not have a complaints officer but has a general legal form that can be used for legal inquiries around the world. Age ratings are available but do not meet government standards. There are no content descriptions and no parental controls for YouTube Originals. Google has not returned a comment request.
  11. Aha satisfies most requirements, but does not yet have content descriptors. The Telugu-focused streaming service has not returned a request for comment.
  12. SunNXT has improved compliance with IT rules and only content descriptions and parental controls are missing. We couldn’t reach the company for comment.
  13. MX player is fully compliant. The company did not respond to a request for comment.
  14. Voot is fully compliant. The company did not respond to a request for comment.
  15. ShemarooMe is mostly compliant, but its age ratings do not meet the requirements of the IT rules and there are no content descriptions. The company did not respond to a request for comment.
  16. discovery plus has age ratings that do not meet government standards. It has a complaints system but no complaints officer is listed on its website (es says to the general terms and conditions “Please speak to us first” if users have complaints). It has parental controls but no content descriptions. The company did not respond to a request for comment.
  17. Hungama Play remains as partially compliant as before: it partially implemented a version of content descriptions and has a complaint mechanism, but does not meet other requirements. The company did not respond to requests for comment.

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