GTA Vice City has aged better than some players might think.

Sure, its graphics aren’t anything special. However, the core gameplay is still superb. It’s a different style that might take some getting used to, but GTA Vice City is still one of the most fun GTA games out there.

It’s all about Tommy Vercetti’s adventure in Vice City when he tries to save face after a drug deal goes wrong. He eventually gets more powerful as he makes more connections and makes more money. It’s a simple story, but it’s complemented perfectly by the core game design of GTA Vice City.

Five reasons to play GTA Vice City today

5) It is the first GTA game to offer rewards for 100% completion

GTA III was 100% complete, but there was no reward for it. So it was largely pointless. In comparison, GTA Vice City is also 100% complete, but it also offers an incentive to do so.

Most casual gamers don’t like this type of gameplay, but it makes the game more interesting for hardcore fans. If they make the effort to get 100% GTA Vice City they will be unlocked:

  • Maximum health of 200
  • Maximum armor of 200
  • Refreshing ammunition
  • Can recruit a bodyguard at the Vercetti mansion for $ 2,000 (up to 3 times)
  • Makes vehicles twice as durable when Tommy Vercetti drives them
  • The Frankie outfit

4) It’s still a GTA game

If a person loves the classic GTA formula, they will likely love GTA Vice City too. It follows all of the core principles that make the GTA franchise so great, and adds its own extra flavor to make it more unique.

That extra swing isn’t cumbersome, however. Instead, it makes GTA Vice City a unique game that is still familiar enough for those who love the GTA series. It’s an old school GTA game, but its differences from GTA 5 don’t objectively make it bad.

3) Classic charm and nostalgia

GTA Vice City is very 80s-esque (Image via GTA Wiki)
GTA Vice City is very 80s-esque (Image via GTA Wiki)

GTA Vice City is still fun for memories today, regardless of 80s nostalgia or taste for the game itself. Even if a player has never played it, GTA Vice City stands on its own as a great game.

The music of the 80s perfectly captures the setting and the clothes are more appropriate to the location. It’s not an ’80s parody like you’d see today where everyone has ugly’ 80s fashion.

Of course, the game is still fun to play for those who loved it over a decade ago. Some things might not have aged well, but it didn’t turn out to be a terrible game over the span of a few years.

2) It’s one of the few GTA titles to have Vice City as its location

Vice City is a cool place (Image via GTA Wiki)
Vice City is a cool place (Image via GTA Wiki)

It sounds like a small reason, but it’s more significant than you think. Many GTA fans are expecting Vice City to return as the main GTA 6 destination, as this location has not been seen since GTA Vice City Stories.

It’s been over a decade since Vice City was featured in a GTA game. It has only appeared twice since the 3D universe, and it has yet to appear in the HD universe.

Of course, the location itself is pretty cool to explore. It’s easy to navigate and the coastal vibe helps make GTA Vice City stand out from other GTA games.

1) Diverse selection of missions

All hands on deck! is an example of a more defensive mission in GTA Vice City (Image via GTA Wiki)
All hands on deck! is an example of a more defensive mission in GTA Vice City (Image via GTA Wiki)

GTA Vice City is deceptively diverse when it comes to mission objectives and general gameplay. Although the core gameplay isn’t that different from GTA 3, GTA Vice City still manages to make the missions more varied. This in turn makes it feel like a fresher and more innovative game.

There are many regular missions that many GTA fans know and love. However, there are tons of stranger missions out there too, like the various RC missions. Even the more regular missions sometimes have exciting features that set them apart from the norm.

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