San Fierro is another memorable place to go on road trips across the state of San Andreas, which is why GTA players love it so much.

Based on the real San Francisco, it is only the second of three major cities in San Andreas. San Fierro offers GTA players several unforgettable moments, ranging from fantastic supporting characters to explosive conclusions and storylines. Carl Johnson is finally making a name for himself in this city.

San Fierro may not be as recognizable as Los Santos or Las Venturas, but it remains a popular spot. There is more to the area than just the sights and sounds, although they are big factors.

San Fierro is a welcome change for the players of San Andreas, because this is where the cream rises.

Five reasons why San Fierro is popular with GTA San Andreas players

# 5 – There are several personable characters here (with one exception)

GTA players fondly remember the recognizable colorful characters in San Andreas. San Fierro happens to be fully stocked with them. Wu Zi Mu is the most prominent – he is a blind triad leader of the Mountain Cloud Boys. With godless luck by his side, Woozie remains a trusted friend of CJ.

Speaking of which, GTA players finally have friends they can rely on. Along with the Triads, CJ has also built a decent garage with the likes of Cesar Vialpando, Dwayne, and Jethro.

After losing almost everything in Los Santos, CJ’s luck finally turns. He has a reliable crew that he can trust, not just sneaky guys like Ryder.

Unfortunately, there is one problematic element among the residents of San Fierro – zero. He gives GTA players some of the toughest missions in the entire game, such as the notoriously hated supply lines.

# 4 – Exports and Imports

Once CJ Cesar helps out with the Customs Fast Track mission, GTA players will gain access to a new set of side missions. Known as Exports and Imports, players can deliver certain vehicles for monetary value.

San Fierro is arguably a great place to customize vehicles. The player not only owns a garage that can store several vehicles, he can also use the exports and imports. While you will have to look for vehicles, you can make good money in this place.

As soon as a GTA player delivers a vehicle, he can now buy it at any time. It can be pretty handy if you’re looking for a specific vehicle and not relying on sheer luck and spawn locations.

# 3 – CJ takes care of most of his enemies

The Loco Syndicate is a dangerous ally of the treacherous Big Smoke who oversees large-scale crack operations across San Andreas. They lost significant power in Los Santos following his shocking betrayal of the Grove Street families. After his brother Sweet goes to jail, things get personal for CJ.

San Fierro is the first time GTA players can finally take action against their enemies. Not only does CJ eliminate most of the Loco Syndicate, he’s also taking revenge on former Grove Street member Ryder.

When CJ blows up the drug factory, he deals a heavy blow to Big Smoke and his criminal empire.

The GTA player is no longer a little street noise. They now operate San Fierro as their main base of operations.

# 2 – It looks nicer

San Fierro is a striking contrast to Los Santos. While the streets of Los Santos are impoverished by drug addicts and dealers, San Fierro is relatively safer. While there are local gangs, they’re not nearly as hostile as the ballas and vagos in Los Santos.

Despite the foggy weather and the high chance of rain, San Fierro is a beautiful city. It’s an urban landscape full of lush green parks and historical landmarks. Even local safehouses are much nicer to visit, such as expensive hotel suites.

While the graphics are a bit dated, San Fierro still retains a flawless beauty. GTA fans would appreciate a San Andreas remaster if places like San Fierro couldn’t be visually updated.

# 1 – San Fierro is fun to explore

Open-world exploration is Rockstar’s motto. They pride themselves on giving their players the chance to get lost in San Andreas. There are several collectibles that are very tempting, such as Snapshots, which offer rewards such as weapon spawns.

San Fierro also has several places of interest for GTA fans to explore. One example is Windy Windy Windy Windy Street, which is exactly what the name suggests. Players can also purchase a safehouse at this location.

San Andreas is a monumental achievement in open world exploration, to which San Fierro contributes massively with its urban settings.

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