Top speed is everything for the adventurous and their sport classics; GTA Online offers many of these vehicles.

Sports classics are a retro-style recall to previous generations. Not only are these vehicles from GTA Online stylish, they also offer respectable top speeds. Some of these sports classics see great importance in competitive play. A prime example is the ubiquitous toreador.

Through rigorous in-game testing, these stats were compiled by Broughy1322. In all of these sports classics, the maximum speed is measured accordingly. GTA Online players will break the speed limit with these ultra-modern vehicles. However, the top speed also depends on the best modifications.

Here are five of the faster sports classics in GTA Online

5) Monroe ($ 490,000)

The Pegassi Monroe offers a respectable 122 mph for its top speed. Based on the real Lamborghini Miura, it is incredibly fast on the road. In terms of appearance, it’s pretty sleek and stylish for a sports classic.

With a higher acceleration, the Monroe stands out from the crowd. Its consistency does not allow players to lose control as it does not oversteer like other vehicles in its class.

In terms of performance, it is above average in every statistic. It’s perfect for long panoramic drives near the ocean.

This sports classic is named after either Matt Monro or Marylin Monroe. It is clearly inspired by Italian manufacturers but also has a feminine design. Coincidentally, actor Nicolas Cage bought a Lamborghini Miura for the exact same price as the Monroe.

4) Viseris ($ 875,000)

124.25 miles per hour is nothing to sneeze at with the Lampadati Viseris. It definitely looks like a sports classic straight out of a James Bond flick. The performance of the Viseris is slightly below average.

Thankfully, it can be fully upgraded to achieve some of the fastest top speeds in GTA Online.

If you are moving straight ahead, the viseris has an exceptional speed. However, it’s easy to lose control when it starts spinning. GTA Online players need to be careful how they drive this sports classic. It’s a useful drift car given its suspension capabilities.

GTA Online players can equip this vehicle with a pair of machine guns. In terms of combat, it has decent attack power against opponents.

Unfortunately, it is practically useless against heavily armored vehicles. Players should better avoid confrontations with this classic sport.

3) Z-Type ($ 950,000)

The Truffade Z-Type is a luxury brand name vehicle with a top speed of 126.25 mph. It’s an old school car. It dates back to when the Zaibatsu Corporation owned it in GTA 2. The Z-Type is making a big appearance in GTA Online, switching from the 2D era of the series to 3D.

In terms of power, the Z-Type uses a V12 engine for higher speeds. Unfortunately, it struggles to make sharp turns as it has less than excellent weight distribution. It can also get out of control when oversteering. However, excellent drivers shouldn’t have any problems.

For GTA Online gamers, the Z-Type is primarily a fashion statement. It’s a nice reminder of how far the show has gone since the old days. Interestingly, Devin Weston implies that only ten models were made.

Obviously, given its availability in GTA Online, this is not the case. Anyone can buy it now.

2) Deluxe ($ 4,721,500)

With this strongly inspired vehicle it goes back to the future. The Imponte Deluxo reaches a top speed of 127.25 mph, making it the second fastest of the sport classics. It’s also one of the most expensive items on this list.

Not much has changed in the transition from the 3D era to the HD format. The Deluxe is slightly narrower than its original counterpart. However, it now has the option to use hovercraft mode. This allows it to fly above the ground.

Despite a slight oversteer, the Deluxo drives well at top speed. It also uses weapons such as homing missiles and machine guns. Seasoned GTA Online players will make good use of the vehicle.

1) Toreador ($ 3,666,000)

With a whopping 135.25 miles per hour, the Toreador offers the highest top speed of all sports classics. With good handling and acceleration, it’s a respectable vehicle on the road. Its real use, however, is in combat situations and when submerged in water.

Toreros are the perfect antithesis to the Oppressor Mk II. Not only does it have machine guns and rocket launchers, a toreador can also fire a lot of hits. With precisely drawn shots, the oppressor can be removed in no time. Toreros are often compared to Strombergs and Deluxos.

Better still, it also uses submarine mode to dive underwater. It can even use sonar skills to discover nearby treasure. Toreros are a valuable addition to GTA Online players as they can do pretty much anything. The toreador is devastating on land, sea and in the air.

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Edited by Sijo Samuel Paul