A wide variety of characters are available to players in Free Fire. Everyone except Nulla and Primis has unique skills. Aside from adding new characters, the developers are regularly upgrading and upgrading the existing characters.

Often times, characters like Alok, K, Chrono, and Xayne overshadow others. Here are some of the underrated characters that users often miss.

Note: The list of characters below is based on the author’s preference. The skills listed below are also of the highest level.

Underrated characters in Free Fire

1) A124

A124’s ability is called Thrill of Battle (Image via Free Fire)

Ability: Thrill of battle

A124 has an active ability that players often overlook. However, the Thrill of Battle is also quite good and converts 60 XP to HP within 4 seconds. There is also a 10 second cooldown.

A124 can be the perfect choice to replenish health without medicit when users have enough EP. You can also pair it with characters like Miguel and pets like Ottero for further efficiency.

2) iota

Jota’s ability is called Sustained Raids (Image via Free Fire)

Ability: Persistent raids

Jota is a great contender having recently been polished. Continuous raids restore a certain amount of HP when users hit their enemies. In addition, players get back 20% health points when hitting the enemies.

In addition, the passive ability ensures that players can pair up with other characters with active skills. You certainly have an advantage in hand-to-hand combat.

3) Luqueta

Luqueta’s ability is called a hat trick (Image via Free Fire)

Ability: hat trick

The developers of Free Fire made a huge improvement to Hattrick in the OB29 update. The hat trick ability now increases maximum health with every kill. At the maximum level, the players’ maximum health points increase by 25 points up to 50 per kill.

This simply implies that users will increase their max HP to 250 with just two kills. It is certainly helpful to have extra health points during shootouts.

4) Miguel

Miguel’s ability is called Crazy Slayer (Image via Free Fire)

Ability: Mad hunter

Miguel is one of the older characters in Free Fire. The Crazy Slayer ability is passive and earns 80 XP on every kill with every fragment on the battlefield.

This ability compliments characters with active abilities like K. In such combinations, users can play aggressively to win XP with Miguel and then use their skills to quickly convert XP to HP to get the upper hand in gunfights.

5) Paloma

Paloma’s ability is called arms trading (Image via Free Fire)

Ability: Arms trade

The developers have adjusted Paloma’s ability in the OB28 update. Arms trade will allow users to carry 120 additional ammunition. However, this does not include the grenade launcher ammunition.

The ability to carry extra ammunition is very helpful in the early stages of the game. Players can carry other items, including medkits, with them when the ammo does not take up space.