A new era begins for the New Orleans Saints this Sunday. It will be the first time in over 15 years that future Hall of Famer Drew Brees won’t be the starting quarterback.

New Saints QB Jameis Winston has big footsteps to fill this season and all eyes will be on the former Tampa Bay Buccaneers starter.

Saints head coach Sean Payton got his job in 2021 after losing several starters to wage cap issues.

Things haven’t got any easier for the team after Hurricane Ida hit New Orleans last week, forcing their first game against the Green Bay Packers to be relocated to Jacksonville.

The Saints, who have been regularly in the postseason for the past few seasons, won’t make it to the NFC playoffs in this campaign.

Why the Saints won’t make the NFL playoffs

Here are three reasons New Orleans will miss the 2021-22 postseason:

# 1 – Quarterback game

Sean Payton and the Saints Front Office have great confidence in Jameis Winston, who is leading the team this season.

Winston failed in his first stint as an NFL starter with the Bucs. While he has a cannon for his arm, he has been prone to basic mistakes and not caring about the ball.

The Saints cannot afford to lose the ball this season with their weak defense and unfortunately for the Saints fans it will be exactly what Winston will offer.

Backup QB Taysom Hill offers little more than a mobile runner who has yet to show that he can pass the ball effectively in the NFL.

# 2 – lack of depth

The New Orleans Saints have had to fire several starting players due to the lowering of the salary cap due to the pandemic.

As a result, they have become extremely thin in many positions, especially in defense. You can’t afford to be injured, but that’s just not realistic in today’s NFL.

New Orleans will also start the season without star wide receiver Michael Thomas, who is still recovering from an ankle surgery.

# 3 – Tampa Bay Buccaneers

The Saints play in the NFC South Division, which also includes the defending champion Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

New Orleans has ruled the division for several years, but that time is over. The Bucs have a team full of superstars and are the odds favorites to win the NFC again this season.

Count the two division matches as wins for the Buccaneers, which puts immense pressure on the Saints to win their other games in the division.

The 2021/22 season will not be remembered for Saints fans.