The Chicago Bears and WR Allen Robinson were unable to agree on a new multi-year contract before the July 15th deadline for Franchise Day players. Allen Robinson will now play the 2021 season with a day salary of $ 17.9 million. If the bears are still interested in keeping it, they’ll have to wait until the next season. It is unknown where Chicago stands in relation to the future of the WR but would forego a consistent playmaker.

Allen Robinson had 102 catches for 1,250 yards and six TDs, making him the fourth player in franchise history with 100+ catches in one season. In three years he has made an average of six catches and 70 yards per game and a total of 17 TDs. Robinson was a workhorse for the Bears but will turn 29 next season. It charges around $ 20 million a year, and Chicago may not want to pay someone who reaches the age where other WRs are beginning to leave their prime.

The NFL’s close of trading is November 3rd. The Chicago Bears open their season against the Rams, Bengals, Ravens, Lions, Raiders, Packers and Buccaneers. Chances are they’ll finish that stretch 2-5 and the season may be lost. The team could decide to swap Robinson after a bad start to the season or maybe even before Week 1. Either way, here are the top three teams that might be interested in WR Allen Robinson.

Three landing sites for WR Allen Robinson

# 1 – Miami dolphins

Allen Robinson could be one of the best receiving units in the league alongside DeVante Parker, Will Fuller, Jaylen Waddle and Mike Gesicki. If QB Tua Tagovailoa fails with this offensive, then he’s not the type for Miami. In return, the Bears could take over CB Xavien Howard to replace Kyle Fuller. The Dolphins don’t seem keen to sign Howard on a long-term contract bigger than Byron Jones’. You have $ 55 million in Cap Space next year and could give Robinson a big deal. Howard only has a $ 12.5 million cap hit and could negotiate a deal with Chicago.

# 2 – LA chargers

Los Angeles Chargers versus Kansas City Chiefs
Los Angeles Chargers versus Kansas City Chiefs

The Chargers grabbed the fifth-year option from WR Mike Williams ($ 15.6 million) despite declining in 2020. Allen Robinson would be an easy upgrade to QB Justin Herbert. The Bears aren’t getting quite as much talent in return, but could potentially make Williams a 1,000-yard recipient again.

# 3 – New England Patriots

Denver Broncos versus New England Patriots
Denver Broncos versus New England Patriots

N’Keal Harry wants out of New England and could find a better role with the Bears with Allen Robinson. The Patriots seem to be giving Cam Newton one last chance as a starter and Allen Robinson is giving him the best opportunity to succeed as a passerby. There is no real WR1 on the roster anyway.